I grew up and raised a family in a lakeside setting in Northern Ontario so nature is the dominant influence in my art. I discovered a passion for stained glass that lasted fifteen years and produced windows for public buildings, churches and residences. Little did I know that the major body of my work was completed by the time I turned forty and all of it was by commission. I moved to Toronto and began another project, Yorkville House Studio, which was the venue for my painting and shows and teaching scores of people; another heady time which passed like lightning too. I moved to the east coast where I set up much the same situation but soon I changed my mind. I spent time in the arctic and produced a series on my impressions of that ancient land and people. Now I live in Toronto, travel frequently and paint. I am presently  taking commissions for oil paintings of horses and birds the examples of whom you can view on this website.

I studied at many academic venues starting with the final, Cambridge University, Georgian College, OCAD, Sheridan College but I didn't really need it being already pretty much on my own way although I do like to hear from time to time what the mainstream is up to.

I think that my original concept in committing to a life of artistic expression was that my life itself would be the product as it were. It follows then that these paintings and indeed all my output is a part of or a facet of that creation. Right now I am drawn to painting the horse and the bird. Ten per cent of all commissions are given to the animal charity of the buyers' choices.


   Eleven portraits
2003             Three windows, residence O'Hara
1997              Stained glass gifts to Ursula Franklin, Jane Goodall, Buttros Buttros Galli Secretary General UN
1996              Two stained glass windows, Sullivan Entertainment
1995               St. Basil's Church, coat of arms, private chapel
1995               Falconbridge Lecture series three stained glass gifts
1994              Stained glass window, residence Roscoe
1994              Stained glass restoration St. Michael's College, residence
1994              Laurentian University four stained glass gifts
1994              Restoration transom window residence Webster
1993              Stained glass dome windowing stairwell residence Wilkinson
1992              Stained glass 120 square feet, Roman Arch, St. Mark's Church, Sudbury
1991              Stained Glass 180 square feet, Sveto Marko
1990              Stained glass ceiling tunnel Science Centre, Sudbury
1988-90         Thirty stained glass windows, St. Peter Church,Trenton
1987               Stained glass windows, 180 square feet, St. Paul's Kingston
1986               Stained glass, Lord of the World, 80 square feet
1986               Stained glass, St. Anthony Church, Gatchell, 240 square feet
1985               Tiffany lamp, Cambrian College
1984-89          Stained glass, Laurentian University, 25 panels
1983               Stained glass, Our Lady of Sorrows, Sturgeon Falls, 180 square feet
1982               Stained glass, St. Clements Church, 140 square feet
1981               Stained glass, Christ the King Church, 180 square feet
1981               Stained glass, Falconbridge Nickel Mines,  140 square feet
1980               Stained glass, St. Mark, Garson, 60 square feet
1980               Stained glass St. Patrick Church, 350 square feet
1979               Stained glass Mandarin restaurant, 4 windows
1979-92          Stained glass for 86 residences
1984-92          Portraits in oil for 6 people